TOP 5 Shoes to Hoop In

When it comes to basketball shoes it’s important to look good on the court and even more important to be comfortable. Over the years I’ve found the following to be the most comfy, best looking shoes:

5. Retro Jordan 11’s

Number 5 on my Top 5 list are the Retro Jordan 11’s. I’m not a sneaker head or anything but the Gamma 11’s were so nice that I had to get a pair when they came out. Originally I bought them to wear causally but when I didn’t wear them often, I decided to play in them. I will say at first they were a bit uncomfortable but once broken in, they were one of my favorite shoes to play in. Wearing the Gamma’s, I also played some of my best basketball. I feel like there’s just something about playing in Michael Jordan’s shoes that automatically elevates your game.

Playing in the Gamma 11’s (2015)

4. Nike KD 10

I loved the KD’s so much, I had about 4 pairs. My feet are very slim so sometimes basketball shoes fit too widely or bulky on me. But when wearing these shoes, I feel like they were made just for my feet. I could guess with Kevin Durant’s slim body, he also has narrow feet which could explain the comfortable fit for slim feet.

Wearing the very comfortable KD 10’s in Chicago Sky training camp

3. Nike Lebron 15 Low

For pre-season I am currently playing in the Nike Lebron 15 Low’s. Normally Lebron’s are to heavy and bulky for my liking but when wearing this particular style, I feel like I’m walking on clouds.  They have a lot of support and cushion while also looking nice too. I actually want another pair now but can’t seem to find the right colors here in Turkey.

2. Nike PG1

Landing at number 2 on the list are the Nike PG1’s. For part of last season I played in theses and they too gave me the feeling that I was walking on clouds. This pair of shoes was also a great fit for my skinny feet and what made me love them even more was that I got them in highlighter yellow. Honestly if they weren’t so worn out, I’d still be playing in them this season.

Highlighter yellow PG1’s

1. Kobe’s (All)

Every single one of Kobe’s shoes that I have worn has been more comfortable that any other basketball shoe that I have played in. And I’m not saying this because I grew up in California as a Laker fan or even because Kobe is the greatest player behind Michael Jordan. The Kobe’s are number 1 on my Top 5 list because they are that great. I don’t know a pair of Kobe’s released that have been aesthetically unpleasing and/or uncomfortable, and I think anyone could attest to that. Year after year I have been playing in Kobe’s and I just recently got the new Kobe AD’s for this season. Basically, Kobe can do no wrong.

Pictured wearing the Kobe 10 Elites with two teammates during the 2016 Israeli Championship
Wearing the Kobe 8 Elites during game in my 2nd year overseas
Kobe AD’s 2018


Furthermore, it’s clear I’m a fan of Nike and definitely Kobe’s. But all these shoes listed I approve of!

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