Home is Where the Heart Is

Home for me is in sunny, southern California and last week I had the opportunity to go back when our league had a break in games. For an overseas basketball player, having a break is one of the biggest things that we all look forward to most. It’s nice to put a pause on the intense mental focus you have during the season and of course give your body some rest. For me, when we have breaks sometimes I like to travel to different places in Europe. For example, I’ve gone to visit Barcelona, Spain and also Israel a couple times in the past. This time however I decided to go home because it’s our only break during the entire 8 month season.

While I was home, I didn’t necessarily do a lot, but just being there felt amazing. The best part was seeing my family and friends but also the little things that you probably wouldn’t even think about were great also. For instance, not having to call an uber/taxi and being able to drive my car and go at any given time was fabulous. Also, the weather was just perfect. It was 70-80 degrees the entire time I was home. And of course eating at my favorite food spots was for sure a highlight. I stopped at Benihana with my good friend Kacy, I also went to the infamous Mr. Noodle and Diddy Reece in Westwood, Chick-fil-A, In-n-Out and probably any other good place in America you can think of.

Hanging with my sister (Rhema) while home.
A photo I snapped with perfect weather at Venice Beach
With Kacy at Benihana

I went to see my former college UCLA play and had great court side seats (thanks to Pam, the best director of operations). It was a very good game and the team got the win over 16th ranked Georgia University. I also went to visit my high school and shared with the girls on my former high school team (Ayala High School) a little bit about my experience on my now 20 year journey as a basketball player, and hopefully gave them some inspiration to go on college and beyond. While there, the head coach Brian Harris gave me some very exciting news that I would be getting my high school jersey retired next year and that I would be the first girls player in school history to do so! I had a great time talking with the girls and I wish them the best this season!

Me pictured with the Ayala Girls Basketball team

Overall, I had a great time at home. I was only there a week, but that week was exactly what I needed to recharge.

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