What’s to Come for Year 10

I’m back and yes, I promise from now on I’m going to be more consistent keeping everyone updated!

It’s been over a year, so before I let you in on what’s currently going on, let’s run it back to this past 2020-21 season. For those of you that don’t already know, I spent my ninth overseas season in Romanian playing for the club Sepsi Sic. With it being my first time playing outside of Israel and Turkey, I can say that Romanian was much much different from those places. For starters the buildings and the architecture of the country were beautiful. Living in America, everything is new compared to that of most places in Europe, so that was for sure something I was in awe of. The country is also filled with acres and acres of fields. There were even times, I’d see cows crossing the streets and horse carriages riding on the roads. The life there moves a lot slower than what I am used to, especially with me being from California, so I was definitely culture shocked to say the least. However, looking back I feel grateful to have experienced a culture so different from my own. My eyes and knowledge of the world definitely widened after living there.

On the court in Romania, my team and I excelled in every way. We dominated by winning the Romanian League Championship and Romanian Cup Championship. And in Eurocup we made club history by advancing to the Elite 8. (Eurocup is an international European league, where you compete with elite teams from other European countries).

This upcoming season I signed with the team Spar Girona in Spain. In the past years Girona has shined in the Spanish League and in particular last season, advanced to the quarter finals of Euroleague (which is the top international league in Europe).

I am grateful that Girona recognizes that I can be a great contribution to such an elite team. I hope to remind players in a similar position as me to keep grinding because there will be a time when your hard work and talent is recognized.

Not only am I fired up to get the season rolling on the court, I am looking forward to living and experiencing the life in Spain. I just arrived in Spain last week and I am sure great things and great times are coming, and as I said, I plan to be better about about giving a consistent inside look on whats happening. So give my page a follow to get alerted about updates. And if you’d like, scroll down to check out pictures during my time in Romania!

With Covid last year, we had to get tested weekly an stayed in many tournaments “bubbles” for games
Mom and I in the center of Sfantu Gheorge, where I was playing, when she came to visit

The center of Sfantu Gheorge, the city I lived in
Autumn in Romania was beautiful
Brasov, Romania. The biggest city near me
Brasov, Romania
Loving the autumn feels in Brasov
My teammates and I in Brasov on an off day
On off days, I mostly went to the malls in Brasov and went shopping
The car I had
Then center of Brasov in the fall
Mom and me in hiking in Brasov
Winter in Romania
It was cold and snowy for a majority of my time in Romania
The capital of Romania: Bucharest
Streets of Bucharest
Mom and me roaming the streets of Bucharest
Bucharest at night
Beautiful buildings in Bucharest
My teammates and me after winning the Romanian Cup
My teammate Maya and me after winning the Romanian league championship
We were happy to win the Championship and happy that we could go home after a long season
Two teammates and I saying our final goodbyes are the end of the season
Media Day
Christmas gift exchange with my secret Santa
Dracula’s Bran Castle
Torture chair in Dracula’s castle
Another type of torture machine in Dracula’s castle
Outside of Dracula’s Castle
Romanian Food
Traditional Gulas Soup that’s popular in Romania
Romanian Pizza

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