Midseason Update

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas and stayed happy and healthy during the holidays. I was not able to go home because there was no break in games, but I was able to spend Christmas with one of my teammates and her family. I had a great time and have been able to reset and refocus for the new year and second half of the season.

To give you a little update on how the season has been going, I would simply say, it has been going really well! In the Spanish league our team is sitting at third place and in Euroleague, we are second place in our group. Judging by how well we’ve been playing, I would say we have a good chance of making it to the finals in the Spanish league and the next round in Euroleague. To a lot of people, it’s a surprising how well we are doing (although it’s not surprising to us as a team). At the beginning of the season, there was no talk of Girona in any championship conversations, but with win after win against great teams, that conversation has changed very quickly.

Outside of basketball I haven’t had a whole lot of time, but whenever I get the chance, I try to visit some of the beautiful attractions here in Spain. I have been to the beach so many times (especially in the beginning of the season when it was warmer). I’ve visited the famous Parc Güell and La Segrada Familia and went to check out a men’s Euroleague FCB Barcelona basketball game. I also had the chance to visit one of the best restaurants in the world, that’s located here in Girona. I’ve gone to museums and a few other things too. Take a look below at the pictures to see more:

Me while at a visit at Parc Guell
I visited Parc Guell with Francis, a college friend who was visiting Spain
A famous Cathedral in Girona. Parts of the show Game of Thrones was filmed here
Chilled at the beach while eating/drinking popular Spanish dishes
A popular Spanish dish called Paella. It’s rice with sea food covered in squid ink
Spanish Tapas, which are also common dishes
Ham is very well liked here. You’ll see ham legs like ones here often in markets and grocery stores
I’m not a big cheese fan but the cheese here is so good! Especially when added with olives
At Barcelona’s modern art, Moco Museum
Barcelona, Spain
FCB Barcelona game
Outside of La Sagrada Familia
Snapped a picture after dinner at El Celler De Can Roca, one of the best rated restaurants in the world
One of the dishes served to us at El Celler De Can Roca
My teammate, Laia and me on Christmas Day
A historical wall I found while exploring Girona
Girona Views from the historical wall
My teammates and me after a game thanking our fans (who I love) for coming. Our team has a very nice fan base

So as you can see, the first half of the season has gone well. As we begin the second half, we’re a little bit on pause, as there have been a few covid cases found on the team. Once we get out of quarantine I am looking froward to seeing more of Spain touristic wise and on the court, more winning and hopefully championships. We have the chance to compete for the Spanish Queen’s Cup, Spanish League and Euroleague Championships. Hopefully we’ll go 3 for 3! But as always, I’ll keep you updated along the way!

2 thoughts on “Midseason Update

  1. Hi Rebekah so excited for ur European league team but I’m mostly ecstatic for ur wnba career!!! U have preserved through ur time spent over in Europe and I can see that u will have an immediate impact on Chicago Sky team!!
    Much luck on ur career in Chicago


  2. Dear Rebekah,
    I enjoy reading your midseason update.
    Spain ist a very beautifull and rich of history Country, myself was also in Barcelona and Valencia.
    Now you’re in the WNBA and till now your Start was really good. I’ve heard about you for a few days ago and I was wondering that you didn’t play in the WNBA years ago 😳
    I wish you a good season and the ROY award 😉
    Yours sincerly



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