A Dream Turned Reality

Since checking in last January, so much has happened. I finished a great season off in Girona, where I received MVP of the Spanish League and on top of that, one of my biggest dreams came true.

I knew my season last year in Girona was special, but little did I know, it would ultimately lead to me getting the opportunity to fulfill my dream of playing in the WNBA. January 2022 I received a call from Coach James Wade showing interest in my playing abillities for the Chicago Sky and also asking if I had any desire to play in the WNBA. Of course I said yes. However with the length of my overseas season in Spain and the fact that I hadn’t ever played in the WNBA before, I wasn’t sure how the opportunity would pan out because I would not be able to make training camp. I don’t know if there was ever a player who had not played in the WNBA before, to make a team without going to training camp. Nonetheless, Coach James stayed in contact and even came to a couple of my games in Spain. I had been to two training camps over the previous 10 years and no coach or team had ever showed that much interest. So I began to think- ok this opportunity might be a real. And it was.

My season in Spain ended May 5, 2022 and I was in Chicago May 7, 2022. I was able to join the team for two practices and then it was my first WNBA game day. There were so many emotions running through me. I was excited, happy, grateful and maybe a little bit nervous but I knew I was ready. And I knew I wanted to prove Coach James right, that I did belong in the WNBA. On top of all of that, Coach James told me I would be starting for my first game! STARTING?!! Just days before I didn’t know if I’d be on the team, now I was about to start my very first game. Life comes at you fast!

The game went amazing. We played the New York Liberty, won by 33 points and I ended the game with 14 points and 4 rebounds. I’ll definitely remember that game for the rest of my life. Here are a few pictures from that day:

Fast forward through the summer. I maintained a solid role in the team rotation and our team went on to earn the best record of 26-10, in franchise history. Additionally, I snagged All-Rookie First Team honors. I couldn’t ask for a better rookie season.

After 10 years of continuing to get better, studying the game, and maintaining faith, my dream of playing in the WNBA came true, and in a way that was better than I could ever imagine. If I could go back and change the path that it took to get there, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Here are more pictures of my time this summer in Chicago!

Pictured with some friends in family, playing my first game home in Los Angeles
The team and me with Chance the Rapper after one of out games

One of many pre-game tunnel walks

A couple of our team’s player development guys, Ahmad and Byron
Mom and me at the infamous Chicago Bean
Tried to visit Michael Jordan’s house. This was the closest I got lol
With some fellow UCLA baby Bruins at all star weekend in Chicago
Snapped a picture in New York during practice
One of many cold tubs this summer. With all the games we had in such a short span of time, recovery was essential
We had a chance to visit the Obama foundation in DC. We got to meet Obama as well
In Phoenix during our last regular season game, just soaking up the experience

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