Playing Overseas After My First WNBA Season

As you already know, I’ve been playing overseas for a while- 11 years now. But this season has been much different from the previous ones. I can say both on the court and off the court, things have changed.

After playing on one of the best teams in the WNBA, with some of the best players in the world, there was a certain level of excellence and work ethic that I was exposed to. Having to play with and against such great competition all summer, I now have a new found confidence and knowledge of the game. I also noticed that here overseas, I’ve had to grow as a player because a lot more people are generally more familiar with who I am and how I play. So I’ve had to add different facets to my game because now nothing comes easy.

One surprising challenge that has come along has been learning to find a balance of life outside of basketball. In the past, I’ve normally had the summer’s off to refresh so that when the overseas season comes along in September, I am fully committed and focused on hoop in every way. During the season I usually watch tons of film and lots of other basketball games, and I am always thinking about my next game or opponent. But after now playing nonstop, I’ve found that, I sometime feel a sense of basketball overload. In this way, I’ve had to commit myself to exploring outside interest to create a healthy balance. The great thing is, I am spending much more time getting back to doing other things I enjoy and developing new interests, while also being able to maintain focus with basketball.

Here are a few thing I enjoy doing here overseas that help me keep a balance:

I spend a lot of time outdoors, especially at the beach. Spain has quite a few. Pictured here is Barceloneta Beach in Barcelona
A beautiful building in Zaragoza, Spain. Now when we travel on road trips, I make an effort to get out and see the cities.
My teammates and me exploring Mickolc, Hungary before one of our games.
Me, soaking up the sun, chilling by the water
Girona has a lot of unique coffee shops. I love trying new ones. Sometimes I’ll bring a book or my computer along with me, and hang out for a few hours in one.

Spending time with my teammates, celebrating after a win.

These things may seem simple but they have been tremendous in helping me stay centered and being my best self on and off the court. And on top of that, I’m thankful that after all theses years, my game is finally respected and appreciated all over the world.

One thought on “Playing Overseas After My First WNBA Season

  1. I’m so glad you play in the WNBA now as well. You quickly became one of my favorite players. Your energy on the court is amazing!

    Love that you are able to find a work and life balance. I sometimes have difficulty doing that. I would focus on one thing and then burnout. Lol. This post is very inspiring.


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