Eating Calçots in Catalunya

I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck are Calcots- I was wondering the same thing when I first heard the word. But, to simply put it, they a type of green onion specially grown in the Spanish region of Catalunya. They harvest at the end of winter and give the people a reason come together and enjoy their deliciousness. My team here in Spain recently decided to plan a bbq so that we could have the calçot experience and it was definitely something I enjoyed and want to do again.

A couple of the girls helping prepare the onions to be cooked

To prepare the calçots, our team managers bbq’d them on the grill- which took a while because we probably had about 20 each- and then they were wrapped in newspapers. The onions tend to get super messy while eating them so the newspapers are used to make it easy to clean up the mess. I was told that people usually wear bibs too, but we didn’t do that this time.

The caçots on the bbq grill

To get to the good part of the onion you have to tug, then slide the bottom layer off. Yes, sounds difficult, but one of my teammates gave us a tutorial, and it sounds a lot tougher than it actually is. Once you get to the edible part of the calçot, you dip it in a special orange sauce. It’s made of almonds and peppers and is a perfect accent to the onion that is surprisingly sweet.

Nora giving us a tutorial of how to the eat the onions
Laia and Maria getting ready to eat the freshly bbq’s calçots
Laia and me
The aftermath lol

Part of the calçot bbq tradition is to then bbq different types of meat, and again, our team managers did a great job preparing bbq chicken, steak and other type of meat to add to the onions.

Our assistant coach, Laura serving some of the bbq’d chicken
Pork sausage- a common bbq meat eaten here in Spain
I believe this is Pork Steak, and this is also a popular meat eaten at bbq’s and something a lot of my teammates really liked

Not only do the calçots taste very good, having the full experience was really fun and I’m glad our team decided to bring us together for it!

A couple of my teammates having fun, doing a traditional Catalunya dance
Here we snapped a selfie
Shay having some fun, doing karaoke lol
A few of us chilling, enjoying the outdoors, waiting for the onions to get done.
Another selfie we all snapped, good times 😊

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