Queen’s Cup Warriors

Strong, warriors, fighters and champions are words that I would use to describe my teammates that competed in the Queen’s Cup this weekend. We started off the season with a strong punch, winning the Super Cup back at the beginning of the season. One could even say we had the best team of the league for the 2022-23 season. Unfortunately, we had a domino of player changes and injuries that have now lead us to have limited healthy players.

The Spanish Queen’s Cup, is the most important event of the Spanish League season, besides actually winning the league. For those that don’t know, the Queen’s Cup is a one weekend tournament for the top eight teams of the league. A good comparison would be, for example, the NCAA or a conference tournament in the States. If you win, you get a trophy, bonus pay, and the team gets an automatic ticket to euroleague the following season. In simple terms, it’s a BIG DEAL. Friday night at 6pm we played our first game of the cup. We arrived at the cup with 6 healthy players. To extend our roster, we brought up two juniors. Unfortunately we did lose but I can say I am very proud of us for preserving through the mentally tough situation and still choosing to compete even with the circumstances. I admire especially, my teammate Shay Murphy who chose to play right before tipoff – despite being ruled out with a very painful broken finger- because she knew her few minutes of playing would help helpful.

The GirUnis, our team fans also showed up big for us in the cup. They showed up and showed out and have been very supportive with all that has been going on. Before starting the game, I definitely felt their energy and we as a team appreciated it so much. So, shoutout to them!

Our amazing fans
My teammates and I thanking the fans after the game
My teammates and me at the Queen’s Cup

As we come up to the end of the season, with 3 regular season games, our goals are to maintain the second place position in the league and give our absolute best every time we step foot on the court. Although it’s been a trying few weeks for the club, there are still many things to be thankful for. I can personally say I am thankful to be healthy and playing the sport I love in the beautiful country of Spain. As we move forward, it is important to keeping a grateful perspective. Looking at the bigger picture, we are still truly blessed.

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