The Holidays Overseas

During Christmas and the New Year’s holiday, most overseas basketball players get a break to go home to be with their families. Here in Turkey however, it’s predominantly Muslim which means there are no holiday festivities, but with there being other foreigners here, we were able to create our own. On Christmas we had practice, … More The Holidays Overseas

Turkish Cuisine

The first thing I have to say about Turkish food is that it is very healthy. Usually when I travel from the states to Turkey or vice versa, it takes about a week or so for my stomach to get adjusted to the food. Another thing about Turkish food is the looks are deceiving! When … More Turkish Cuisine

Road to Eurocup

When a player signs to a team, they automatically compete in the domestic league. For example, I signed to a Turkish team so I’ll also be playing all the other Turkish teams during the season. But then there are teams who compete in Europe in addition to their domestic league. These leagues are called Eurocup … More Road to Eurocup

A Week in Mersin

Besides Istanbul, Mersin is my favorite city in Turkey. So I was glad to hear we had a week long tournament there for part of pre season. The weather there is perfect, the food is so good and it’s a sea-side city, which I love. I’ve never played on a team in Mersin, but a … More A Week in Mersin